Awaken Activation Ascension 4 - 7 August 2022 Reesville Qld

Awaken Activation Ascension


with Alison Eades The Divine Connexion

@Heaven in the Hills Reesville, Maleny, Qld

4 - 7 August 2022

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Are you a human being having a spiritual experience

 or a spiritual being having a human experience?

Do you feel more at home in a physical world or in the spiritual world?

Or are you comfortable in both?

At Awaken Activation Ascension you will walk through the golden light doorway into the crystalline cosmic grid of ascension. You are invited to delve into a deep exploration of self and experience the eternal presence of consciousness.  You are invited to surrender your ego and your mind to the heart space of eternal love, in alignment with cosmic light.

You are inv​ited to BE.

It is in the stillness of BEING - where the spiritual and physical world meet - where you find peace. Awaken Activation Ascension is a one-of-a-kind retreat where you get supported and held within the deep field of the limitless universe by Alison and our Soul Sister Support Circle over a period of 4 days and 3 nights.

You will have a transformational experience like no other, with:

   * group healing

   * guided meditation

   * Sacred Song

   * Light Language

   * Esoteric Acupuncture

   * Divine Grace

   * Private 1 on 1 Quantum Healing Session

   * Drakontas Connection Gong Bath

The deep exploration of self is facilitated each day through teaching sessions with Alison, which include insights into self-love and self-connection, and exercises to create new habits and discipline in conscious living.

Alison Eades The Divine Connexion is your host at Awaken Activation Ascension. You will also be supported by our Soul Sister Support Circle - a wonderful circle of facilitators and practitioners who have been guided to come together to usher in the new consciousness for humanity. 

Awaken Activation Ascension is our first joint event and we really expect sparks to fly as we all gather to hold sacred and divine space for your transformation. We also have special guests and very pleasant surprises. 

You will go home with an activated collection 

of physical and energetic presents (presence).

If you feel called to Awaken Activation Ascension, we highly recommend that you register as soon as possible as spaces are limited.

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We look forward to seeing you in Heaven.

A RETREAT at the Sunshine Coast Qld August 2022

Awaken Activation Ascension

4 - 7 August 2022

This transformational four day retreat is designed to offer you the opportunity to quiet the mind, find peace, activate your heart chakra and merkaba. You will be given conscious living habits and disciplines to take home with you to help you move forward from the retreat with grace and grounding.

Heaven in the Hills  is the ideal eco retreat with a variety of cozy, comfy boutique accommodation that includes a family sized cottage, two luxury cabins and a 1912 train carriage split in to two unique separate spaces - all set in pristine bushland at the end of Corks Pocket Road in Reesville, just a few minutes drive west of Maleny on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Each cabin has a wood fire to ward of the winter chills, gorgeous views and natural bush surrounds where you will feel completely enveloped and nurtured by Earth Mother. 

Awaken Activation Ascension at Heaven in the Hills has all of our standard inclusions:

  • Boutique four day / three nights 4.5 star luxury accommodation
  • Vegan / vegetarian meals prepared by our personal chef
  • All group healing, meditations, teachings, and evening special events
  • You will be held in Divine Grace Energy throughout the retreat and be bathed in the Language of Light, Sacred Soul Song and Cosmic Consciousness
  • Daily classes - Lessons in Conscious Living - in Heaven's Temple overlooking the natural bushland of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland
  • Evening Special Events include:
             *  Cosmic Divine Light - Sound and Energy Healing with Alison Eades The Divine Connexion, 

             *  Esoteric Acupuncture with Trent Banyan (High on Chi), 

             *  Sacred Gong Bath and Dragon Light Healing with Deborah Hill (Drakontas Connection)

  • Each guest receives a private 40 minute Multidimensional and Holistic Quantum Energy Healing Session with Deborah Hill (Drakontas Connection) and Dee-Anna Delaney (Living Light Holistic Centre)
  • Take-home surprises to keep you energised and connected after the retreat
  • 12 months subscription to on-line support from Alison Eades The Divine Connexion via live "Me-Time-Monday" zoom calls and recorded "Me-Time-Meditations"
  • A chance for supported quiet rest and reflection, spiritual emersion, self-love and self-nurturing
  • A chance to connect with a group of positive supportive like minded people
  • A wonderful opportunity to connect with a number highly experienced practitioners who have been carefully selected by Source to work with you throughout the retreat

There are a very limited number of spaces available and the retreat will book out quickly.

Early bird pricing is available for registrations made before 5pm AEST 21st June 2022 (10% discount).

A $1000 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of registration. The remainder of the retreat costs are due July 15th 2022. The remaining balance will be by bank deposit via invoice with details emailed once accommodation details are finalised.

Accommodation options:

   * Luxury triple share $2184 (Early bird $1966)

   * Luxury Twin Share $2284 (Early bird $2056)

   * Luxury Private Room with shared bathroom $2484 (Early bird $2236)

   * Luxury Private Room with ensuite $2584 (Early bird $2326)

All rooms are luxuriously appointed and spacious. Rooms are within the cottage, cabins or the train carriage with plenty of additional space, lounge areas, kitchen and balcony areas. Room preferences will be subject to availability. We cannot guarantee your preference will be available.

More on Heaven in the Hills here.

For more information please contact our host 

Alison Eades The Divine Connexion on 

0491 477 055 or

[email protected]

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Wellbeing Centre Facilities

To extend your experience at the retreat, we are offering the 

on-premise Wellbeing Centre Facilities which include:

Private Reiki Healing sessions with Annie

Private Essential Oil Consultations with Toni

Infrared Sauna

Crystal Light Therapy

Float Therapy

Hydroxy Therapy

(These are available first-in-first-served at extra cost)

More information on Wellbeing Facilities Bookings

Meet Alison and the Soul Sisters Support Circle

Awaken Activation Ascension Alison Eades Retreat August 2022

Alison Eades

Host - Awaken Activation Ascension

The Divine Connexion

International Healing Practitioner

Soul Portrait Artist, Spiritual Teacher | Mentor | Coach

Meditation Facilitator. Oneness Blessing Giver

* Maroochydore, Sandgate, Redcliffe and online *

Alison has nearly 20 years’ experience as a certified Energy Healing Practitioner and Teacher. She has been a Oneness Blessing Giver for 13 years and has been practicing Oneness for over 16 years. She has been meditating for over 20 years.

She is an Angel of the Blue Light and she works and masters her ability of healing and activation by working with high vibrational energetic frequencies directly from Source, as well as from the Ascended Masters, Light Beings, Space Beings, and Enlightened Beings. All of which make up The Divine Light.

This high vibrational energy is channelled as Language of Light, Sacred Soul Song and Divine energy and it extends deep within her client's body and soul to a DNA, cellular and cosmic connection level. Her healing and Love expands to those she works with, restoring and balancing and extending grace and peace.

Alison receives intuitive messages that help and guide you along your ascension journey, helping you to live a fulfilling, satisfying, happy and joyful life. Understanding and clearing that which no longer serves you, resetting cellular, DNA and energetic structure, and activating cosmic and chakra connection as guided. Re-connecting you to your Soul Being and the Source of All That Is.

Alison has been initiated by the Council of Light. She has surrendered to a deep connection with Source and has been directed by the Council of Light to create this retreat for the benefit of those who choose to attend.

At Awaken Activation Ascension, Alison will be conducting 

Lessons in Conscious Living - a pathway to Self-Love and Divine Connexion

There are 7 x 1 hour lessons over 3 days and each Retreat Guest will go home with many insights into self-love and self-connection, along with exercises which will help to create new habits and discipline in conscious living.

Alison is also facilitating Cosmic Divine Light - Sound and Energy Healing - one of the three Evening Special Events.

More information about Lessons in Conscious Living and 

The Cosmic Divine Light - Sound and Energy Healing Event here

Awaken Activation Ascension Annie Hannagan Reiki Healing at Retreat August 2022

Annie Hannagan

Soul Sister Support Circle

          - Awaken Activation Ascension

Reiki Master

"I wished after my Mother’s passing many years ago that I could have done something to ease her struggle with terminal cancer. Years later after moving to Australia I was introduced to Reiki and I knew that this was what I had been searching for. Too late for my mother but so many more to assist and help in someway.

I did my Reiki I and II in 1999 and a few years later I did my Master level. I tried my hand at Bowen therapy for awhile and while I could see great results I felt the mind, body, spirit connection of Reiki was the one for me.

Along my journey I have incorporated a style that encourages people to relax and release. My intuition and trust of my helpers above allows me to assist people in the way that suits them best.

I may use essential oils, aura cleansing, chakra balancing, crystals, soft lighting, ambient music and my amethyst biomat. The biomat offers a unique combination of 3 components of therapeutic applications to support the body and mind. Negative ions, far infrared rays and of course the amethyst crystal which is a superconductor.

I can sense peoples energy, am an empath and a very good listener so I hear you from a deep level.

I love assisting and guiding people into their healing journey and nothing makes me happier then to see someone’s energy lift after a session. We are all on this journey learning and if you allow, it will happen."

With Love, Annie.

Annie is our quiet achiever. She is offering 1 hour Reiki Healing sessions with her Amethyst Biomat in the Heaven in the Hills Wellbeing Centre from 3pm to 6pm each day of the retreat. We are honoured to have her join us.

More about BOOKING a Reiki Session with Annie

Awaken Activation Ascension Bel Donaldson at Retreat August 2022

Bel Donaldson

Soul Sister Support Circle 

and our fabulous Chef

 Awaken Activation Ascension

Chef Extraordinaire

Keeper of the Otherworld

Bel is the representation of Muladhara - thus she is feeding and nurturing our physical bodies during the retreat.  Keeping us grounded and present through food and nourishment.

Her sight is like that of an Eagle - a great gift of vision. She sees through this world into the Otherworld. She will tell you very clearly what she sees and what you need to do to help you move forward in your life. She sees where you are not in alignment or in harmony with your Soul or your purpose. She ushers and commands authenticity in those she touches and works with.

She is very creative and has the ability to bring peace and love into any environment through her interior design prowess blended with her sensitivity to energy, crystals and other esoteric items.

As well as creating our nourishing meals, Bel has been tasked by Spirit to create a special take home present for each retreat guest. Her gift is designed and created uniquely for you from her heart and her connection with the Divine Source. We hope you love, love, love not just her food, but her present to you. We secretly know you will. <3

Awaken Activation Ascension Deb Hill Quantum Healing and Gong Bath at Retreat August 2022

Deborah Hill

Soul Sister Support Circle

          - Awaken Activation Ascension

The Drakontas Connection

Master Healer and Energy Practitioner

Certified Sound Healer

Tibetan Singing Bowl Practitioner

Gong Master / Practitioner

Deborah is a powerful multidimensional transformational sound and energy healer, speaks Light Language and has a strong interest in alchemy and shamanic healing. Deborah is of the Dragon Realm, which is her domain, and works with the Dragon Lineage.

Deborah is an intuitive master healer and energy practitioner. Deborah works with people on the level of molecular and DNA restructuring. She uses her abilities and works with her guides and masters that enable her to work on the cellular level.

Deborah is also a trained Sound Healer, Tibetan Singing Bowl Practitioner and Gong Master/Practitioner. Deborah's Gong Baths and Sound baths are finely tuned to the sensitivity of whoever she is working with.

When she speaks in the language of light, she is channelling the masters, the dragons and other high Vibrational beings of light. They assist her by channelling through her, the Language of Light as well as high Vibrational energy frequencies, and sounds and tones of powerful sound healings. That is, connecting Christ Consciousness tones with Earth energy tones and in tune with the universe's hum. As she speaks light language, Deborah is activating and bringing in the new light codes to whoever she is working with. 

Deborah will be conducting a powerful transformational Gong Bath at Awaken Activation Ascension. Every guest will also receive a 40 minute Multidimensional Holistic Quantum Energy Healing Session with Deborah and Dee-Anna during the retreat. Deborah is our Protector.

More information about the Gong Bath and 

the Quantum Healing Sessions

Awaken Activation Ascension Dee-Anna Delaney Quantum Healing at Retreat August 2022

Dee-Anna Delaney

Soul Sister Support Circle

          - Awaken Activation Ascension

Living Light Holistic Centre

Powerful Intuitive Holistic Psychic Medium Channel

Energy Reader and Healer

Dee-Anna Delaney works and masters her ability of energy reading and energy healing, by working with Divine Light Vibrational Energetic Beings, The Ascended Masters, The Council of Light, and the Christ Divine Love Consciousness, just to name a few. 

Her Gifts allow her to see clearly what is unknown and hidden to you.  Seeing beyond, through Christ Vision, all is revealed. She works with your own guides who assist and help her guide you in the Truest Upmost Highest Good for you, by bringing this to your awareness, so this can be fully cleared, removed and healed. 

Dee-Anna’s highly intuitive senses help and assist in answering any of your questions. She extends her gentle healing Love, restoring and balancing, you to your own Alignment of Power of Love, by sharing her peace and grace with the person she is working with. 

After an Energy Reading with Dee-Anna, you are at a point to release and let go of all that is upsetting you, holding you back, and stopping you from living your best life. Dee-Anna always completes her Reading with Energy Healing, as they go together. 

Once all the detrimental energy has been bought to surface, she cleanses and purifies your whole energetic system holistically. Removing all energy no longer wanted and needed. Restoring calm, peace, clarity and harmony into your life on all levels of being, balance, restore, and harmonize your Chakra and nervous system. 

Dee-Anna is here to be truly helpful, she shares and extends her many gifts, and abilities with the world, and beyond. Her purpose is to help in the awakening process to extend her Love and Light and Truth, Peace and Tranquillity to all beings and to spread her Love and Light, and Healing Everywhere. 

Her purpose is to help guide you along your Ascension Journey. Living a fulfilling and satisfying, happy and joyful, life. Being in a peaceful, relaxing, blissful loving opulent state of mind. 

Dee-Anna clears your entire Ancestral Karmatic Lineage, by working with you on all levels, mind, body, heart, and spirit. Complete and total cleanse and purification of your Family Karma Lineage. Removing all old, unwanted energy, and remnants of Karma held in your entire energetic system, your energy field, your timeline, and beyond.

"I am Here to be Truly Helpful.

Love is the ANSWER.

We are all Connected."

Dee-Anna is the Holder of Christ Consciousness.

Every guest will receive a 40 minute Multidimensional and Holistic Quantum Energy Healing Session with Deborah and Dee-Anna during the retreat. Dee-Anna is assisting Deborah with the Gong Bath Sound Healing Session. Dee-Anna will also be called by Spirit to work with you as needed throughout the retreat.

More information about the Gong Bath and 

the Quantum Healing Sessions

Awaken Activation Ascension Toni Wood Essential Oils Consultant at Retreat August 2022

Toni Wood

Soul Sister Support Circle

          - Awaken Activation Ascension


I am Toni, wellness warrior, freedom seeker, and advocate for living a naturally balanced life. My passion is to create space for like-hearted people to come together – to support each other, share common goals, build community and connect as we grow and journey in their own unique ways.

Together we EXPLORE the wonders of living a naturally balanced life, DISCOVER better choices for our health and our planet, and THRIVE with consistent good health and energy!

I am committed to helping you heal your ‘whole’ self – I share my knowledge and experience in SoulSister gatherings, informative workshops, connection meetups and one-on-one settings. 

My mission is to educate my community in an authentic, caring, and courageous way…

Welcome to the journey…

Toni xo

Toni is our Gentle Activator. She is offering 45 minute Essential Oil Consultations in the Heaven in the Hills Wellbeing Centre from 3pm to 6pm each day of the retreat. Her Love energy is the key that will gently open and connect our hearts during the retreat and beyond.

More about BOOKING an Essential Oil Consultation with Toni

A RETREAT at the Sunshine Coast Qld August 2022

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