T H E   D I V I N E   C O N N E X I O N

Awaken Activation Ascension RETREAT August 2022 


Alison is a powerful intuitive psychic medium, artist and healer. 

She works and masters her ability of healing, by working with high vibrational energetic frequencies from the Ascended Masters, Light Beings, Space Beings, and Enlightened Beings. All of which make up The Divine Light.

This high vibrational energy extends her healing and Love, restoring and balancing and extending grace and peace within the person she is working with, seeing beyond what is hidden and unknown to the form self of the client.

She receives intuitive messages that will help and guide you along your ascension journey, helping you to live a fulfilling, satisfying, happy and joyful life, understanding and clearing anything that no longer belongs in your life.

As a talented Soul Portrait Artist, and through Alison's Christ visionary abilities, all is revealed in her insightful sacred soul drawings where the person's soul and their human form are connected through their sacred soul song and soul language which is embedded in each portrait as the portrait is created. These powerful artworks are energetic portals through which your ascension, heightened consciousness and awakening journeys can take place.


Whether you are interested in one-on-one personal sessions, house / spirit clearing, a Soul Portrait, or Spiritual coaching and mentoring, everything is channelled through the sacred soul heart, the connexion to Source / Spirit and The Divine Light.

We will bring through whatever your being is needing in the now moment that we are meeting. 

Everything that is channelled is unique and designed for you.

As you work with Alison, you will experience Divine transformation in leaps and bounds. Your heart will open. Your Chakras will light up. Your suffering will fall away.

When working with Alison, you will experience Sacred Song and Sacred Soul LanguageThe Song and Language is channelled for your individual soul needs.

The very essence of your Sacred Soul and spirit form will be re-membered and re-connected to your human form.

Source will also give you advice and often sadhana (practice) for you to do at home.

This helps you to continue to grow in your awareness and consciousness in between sessions with Alison.

75 min ‚ÄčOne on One 

Powerful private transformational session with Alison. 

Choose Maroochydore, Redcliffe or on-line.

All sessions are $144

75 minutes @ 

The Lightbridge Clinic


75 minutes @ Redcliffe

75 minutes 

on-line or remote healing

Spiritual Mentoring 

and Coaching

Whether you are an alternative health practitioner 

or you are just starting on your spiritual journey, 

Alison would love to work with you. 

All sessions are $144/hr.

Mentoring and coaching is by application only. 

Available at Maroochydore, Redcliffe, 

your home or on-line.

Contact Alison for 

Mentoring Information

House Clearing and Spiritual / Energy Aware Interior Design

Alison is the specialist to call on if you are needing the energy or spirits cleared in your 

house or workplace.

To book a house clearing with Alison please get in touch so we can determine a time that suits us both.

$144 per hour 

(average time is 3 hours*)

House Clearing Enquiry

* travel charges may apply. Available from Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast and beyond.

Soul Portraits

During one on one sessions Alison will often see your Sacred Soul. 

She has seen warriors, whales, and even humanised avain beings. 

She has been told by Spirit that she is to draw and paint these 

Sacred Soul Portraits. 

Alison is a master artist and is looking forward to producing these unique healing and 

transformational portraits. 

Please get in touch for more information.

Contact Alison for 

Soul Portrait Information

Gift Voucher

Purchase a gift voucher 

for that someone special.

You can purchase a voucher for a one on one session or buy one 

to go towards other services.

Other values are available, 

please ask.

$144 Gift Voucher

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