The Divine Connexion

Living from the heart

"I am honoured to be invited to foster and facilitate your 

re-connection with your heart centre - your Divine Spark. 

When you grow in Soulful Love you can then create 

the beautiful life that you have always dreamed of living."

― Alison Eades

Single Private Session with Alison

Book a single one on one session with Alison. Sessions are held via zoom or facetime, or can be in person if you are local.  Appointments may cover clairvoyancy, healing, mentoring, coaching and guidance. Single sessions can help give you clarity and direction around issues you are facing.

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30 minute session

60 minute sesssion

Animal Consultation with Alison

Alison has the gift of connecting and communicating with the animals and your fur-family. If distance communication is required a photo or your pet will need to be provided for connection. Animal consultation sessions are limited to 15 minutes.

Book 15 minute Animal Consultation

8 Session Clearing and Awareness Program

This intense cleansing program is a great way to move quickly through issues into a space of clarity, re-connection, and present moment awareness. Through these one-on-one individually tailored sessions, you will be guided through meditations to clear stuck energy, given tools and techniques to re-connect you with your heart centre and Divine Source and feel empowered to focus your energy in alignment with your soul purpose.

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My Mission


My soul purpose is to help you to understand your spirituality and divine connection, so that you can be the amazing divine being that you were born to be. I would be honoured to hold your hand through this journey of growth and your transformation to higher realms of consciousness. 

My Vision


My vision is to help to transform human consciousness to achieve inner peace. By helping people to become aware of their inner world, they will create the life they have dreamed of. As we work collectively on our awareness we will learn to love ourselves, others and our beautiful planet.